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Asking Questions Is the Best Way To A Good Vape


The appealing thing about vaping is that there is such a variety of liquid flavours available. Especially amongst adolescents who didn’t smoke before the sweeter tasting ones were preferred.


When ex-smokers choose an e juice UK it is fairly certain that they choose an e juice which closely mimics tobacco and the nicotine content that they have become used to.


There are currently over 7,000 e liquids for sale and whilst different brands make similar flavours to their rivals, they all have their unique quality and taste. You can see why it is such a mine field for beginners to choose between one or another.


In the end it all comes down to personal taste.  Liquids only have few ingredients such as water, flavourings, VG and PG. The liquid is drawn to the coil by a normally cotton wick. At this point the heated liquid forms droplets or vapour which is inhaled.


PG and VG are ingredients also used in the food industry. VG is a sweetener whilst PG although used in food can cause allergens. If you find that you suffer headaches and airway irritation, you are better served by reducing the ratio of this substance in your e liquids.


When it comes to flavourings many brands say that their ingredients are food grade. However, you could ask your retailer, but I am inclined to believe that the more expensive well-known brands will take more care about the safety of their customers.


You will know that nicotine as a stand-alone ingredient is safe, but on the other hand this substance is highly addictive. When you fill your vaping tank you will have to make sure though that you wear gloves. The reason for this is when it is in its liquid form it touches the skin it can be a more dangerous substance.


When you start vaping ask your provider the dos and don’ts of vaping as a good vape depends entirely on how you handle your vaping pen.


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Choosing a New E-Liquid: What You Should Look For

If you've decided to start vaping because you want a healthier habit fan smoking, then Vaping is a good option. It gives you many of the same feelings as smoking, but it carries much fewer risks. Part of making sure that you make the transition easily is insuring that you get the various aspects of vape right. Today we are going to help you to understand what you should be looking for in your juices.


Ejuices come in a huge range of different flavours and types. Some people will prefer one juice while other people will prefer an offer. Your role as the person who's taking up the new habit is to work out which type of juices suit you best and we're going to help you do this.




Understanding the different terminology


Whilst different juices have different content, the name of the juice it's never referenced in the different levels of ingredients within the juice.


Because juices go by so many different names, people can assume that the different names are relating to different levels of ingredient. They're not. When you're choosing your juice, you'll have to look at individual ingredients to see how much of which product is in the juice.


There are many different terms for e juice. These include:


  • e juice
  • Digital juice
  • vape
  • vape juice
  • vape liquid
  • E-Liquid


And many more, but the important thing for you to learn is that they are all referring to the same thing and they do not refer to the varying amounts of ingredients within the juice.


How the various ingredients affect the juice.


Juices contain different amounts of ingredients, but all juices contain the same four ingredients. Your preference for the different levels of ingredients will be different to the next person. This means that when looking for the best e-liquid UK, you will have to go from your personal preference, and not from other people's recommendations.


To work out which is going to be the best liquid for you, you need to understand how these four ingredients affect the vape experience.


Vegetable glycerine:  this is the part of the juice that creates the most vapour. The greater the amount of vegetable glycerine, the larger your clouds are going to be. It's also sweet and has a gentle effect at the back of the throat.


Propylene glycol:  this part of the juice is responsible for the throat hit. It also acts to dilute the vegetable glycerine, making the vegetable glycerine passed through your device more easily, which then leads to less clogging.  If you like a good throat hit, then a higher PG juice will suit you.


Flavouring:  e liquid flavours are the same as those used in certain types of food, such as sweets.  When choosing your favours, think about which flavoured sweets you prefer and then opt for a juice that has that type of Flavour. This will help you to find the best juice for your tastes.


Nicotine:  this is the part of the juice that gives you the buzz. You need to match your nicotine requirements to the nicotine content of the juice. Some juices don't contain nicotine, so if you just want to vape without the buzz then choose zero nicotine juices.


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Everything I Know About Choosing a Good Vape Flavour

I started vaping around 10 years ago, so I'm one of the older vapers. I have a lot of experience with vaping and over the years, I've learnt a lot about how to choose different flavours.  I have made some mistakes:  at Christmas one year, I bought a Brussel-sprout flavoured juice. I thought it would be a funny novelty juice, but it tasted just like you think it would: farts.



Some people like to eat farts, but they're weird, and I'm not sure their weirdness would extend to vaping farts. They usually pretend they like eating fast because it's funny. At least, it's funny when you're 12. If you want to avoid making mistakes like that, although they do get a laugh, then you need to understand how to choose the right Juice for your tastes.


Novelty juices can be very funny, but you have to be aware that you're probably wasting your money. If you think that the laugh is worth £7.99, then go ahead and buy it, but just remember that you probably won't like the flavour and it will probably sit on your shelf where it will further concentrate the fart smell.


A good thing to know about vape flavours is that they use the same flavouring that we use and food. So is great way to establish which sort of flavours like is to consider the type of sweeties that you like to eat and she's a similar flavour. For example, I have massive Nostalgia for the foam banana and the chewy strawberry. If you grew up in the 1980s, you might have the same feelings. Naturally, I buy quite a lot of banana and strawberry vape flavours.


To help you choose the flavours that you're going to lie, just think about the type of food that you like eating. If that food uses natural flavour enhancers, then there's a good chance that doesn't take out there that will taste the same.


Just remember that you need to connect this to food flavourings and not to the actual taste of a genuine food.  For example, the phone banana tastes amazing, but it's not the same taste as a real banana. If you're trying too much reduces to the food that you like, and that food contains no artificial or natural flavour additives, then it's unlikely that you'll still taste the same.


The food flavourings are an approximation; they aren't the full flavour. Some natural food flavourings maybe, but you have to make sure that the easy to buy contains natural food flavouring, and not artificial food flavouring. There are juices that have natural flavours, but you need to investigate a little bit if you want to find them full.


If you're unsure, just ask the staff who work in the shop. The vape shop Folkestone (I live in Folkestone) is good at understanding where they're flavourings come from, and most other shops that I've visited are pretty much the same.


I hope you have found this article useful. If you would like further help and advice about choosing the right flavour for your vape, please visit.