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You Are Never Far from A Vape Supply

Vaping from day one was always surrounded in controversy. The WHO recommended it should be banned but it it was up to individual countries to decide for themselves.


The main problem seems to have been, that nobody knew the long term health consequences. Back in the sixteenth century when tobacco landed on the shores of England, there was very little understanding of origins of any illness.


With what we know these days about smoking, it's fair to say that nobody would be allowed to introduce it today. It's still the biggest contributory factor for an early death. One hundred and fifty thousand people die every year in the UK from smoke related illness.


So when the WHO suggested it should be banned, many countries followed their advice. Curiously, many that don't allow vaping even today, are some of the poorest. And a cynic might think that as these are the poorest countries and therefore have the greatest number of smokers, there's the tax consideration.


Even in the UK where less than fifteen percent of the adult population smoke today, the revenue to the Exchequer more than covers the cost of the health costs.


Someone asked me how many E liquid suppliers there are, but this is a misleading question. If they mean the e liquid manufacturers, then I believe the number is just a little under five hundred.


But if it means the number of retail outlets, than it's just a little under two thousand stores across the whole of the UK.


Every town and city, as well as many country villages, have a vape store. These are particularly useful for the beginner. Vaping is not an easy habit to get into when cigarettes have been part of your life.



Although it's possible to buy all supplies online, a trip to a local vape store will be much more helpful. Vaping is constantly evolving and vape store owners keep up to speed with all the new developments.


It's thought that within twenty years, there will be no smokers in the country. The number of vape users can only be guessed.


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Cigarettes Will Soon Disappear in A Puff of Smoke

Ever since the EU decided to include vaping under the rules of the TPD, or Tobacco Products Directive, many vape fans are disappointed.


It means there are restrictions such as the maximum bottle size for the e juice, and a maximum tank size for that liquid. For those that like to produce plenty of cloud, the tank needs more frequent filling.


Vaping is a recent phenomena that has attracted around three million people in the UK alone. These are mostly ex-smokers that switched for a variety of reasons. Cost, may be one of those reasons as cigarettes in the UK are some of the most expensive in the world.



But a realisation that burning tobacco releases several thousand trace elements that include many known carcinogenic ones, is another reason.


And the simple fact that smoke permeates materials such as clothing and furnishings is another. Even smokers recognise the fug in a sitting room the morning after.


Smoking has become antisocial to the point where it is an embarrassment, especially to those that don't.


On the other hand, a person that vapes creates far less of a problem for non-users of either method of obtaining that nicotine fix. 100Ml e liquid can release a fruity aroma that neither lingers nor offends.


It seems that vaping is less harmful compared with smoking, but this cannot be confirmed until it has been around for a bit longer. People that were reliant on tobacco certainly feel healthier and suffer far less with respiratory matters and fitness levels.


One of the best results that vaping has had is the discovery that smokers that switched to vaping didn't all get used to the vape. Although many went back to smoking, an equal number didn't.


This means that it is often stated that in the UK, around three million people now vape regularly, and these are mostly ex-smokers. But that also means that around a similar number of ex-smokers now partake of either habit.


It is confidently predicted that within twenty years or so, there will be no cigarettes and a fewer number of vape users than there are current smokers.


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Explore the latest trends in e liquid use

When you vape you still take substances into your lungs. The good thing is that there are far fewer than tobacco cigarettes.


That is not the only difference. The ingredients in e liquid UK are far less harmful than inhaling burnt matter. The latter contains carcinogens which are simply not there if you inhale vapour which has not been set alight.


Basically, the liquid contains water, flavours, VG, PG and nicotine if you need it. You probably need the latter if you have just from smoking. The vaping device itself has a heating element and a reservoir for the liquid. A rechargeable battery heats the liquid via a coil with wicking. The droplets you inhale are tiny.


The VG and PG have been added to enhance flavour and enjoyment of vaping. Some people are said to be allergic to PG and if that is the case you can alter the ratio of these two ingredients. Alternatively a liquid that does not contain it at all is also available.


In the UK it seems that people have taken to vaping as ducks to water in favour of smoking. It is not surprising as cigarettes are now extremely expensive. Furthermore the Health Service has given the thumbs up to switching.


People with cardio vascular disease would do well to take the plunge and the same goes for people with concerns about their lungs should.


Many more people are switching every day and that could be because health bodies are in favour of you doing so. Vaping is becoming more pleasurable due to innovation, although when you first start you may want to keep it simple.


You need to get the hang of a different way to supply the body with nicotine before you venture out in the weird and wonderful world of vaping.


There is a great range of flavours to be explored together with a choice of nicotine strength. With a little perseverance and good advice from vape shops and communities your transitioning period will be made much easier.


If you are exploring the use of e liquid UK please visit https://www.no1ejuice.com/.


E cigarettes, or e juice, vaping, or whatever other term you care to use, was invented specifically to try and help smokers get away from tobacco.


All that smokers want is the nicotine, and not all the other harmful extras found in burning tobacco leaves. Vape just delivers nicotine disguised with flavour of choice and none of those extras that are now known to be carcinogenic.


Burning tobacco not only releases the nicotine but around one thousand other trace materials. It is thought that vapour is far less harmful, although it's still early days to be totally sure.


But amongst the three million UK ex-smokers that have turned to vaping, there are plenty of positive reports. Most significantly, cases of respiratory problems, including coughing and breathlessness reduces.


There is an unexpected side-effect of vaping. And that is the fact that many heavy smokers don't get on with it so well. The unexpected part of that statement is that if three million have taken it up instead of smoking, a similar number have given up nicotine products altogether.


They've tried getting used to vaping and discover they have been cured of the craving for a cigarette.  This is good for the nation and the NHS. In nineteen-seventy, a survey discovered almost exactly fifty percent of the adult population were smokers.


Today it's less than twenty percent. Most of them are from poorer communities, and will doubtless soon be priced out by the escalating prices.


If a smoker turns to vaping, one of the most confusing choices is the vape juice. There are plenty of strange names such as my neighbour's Ruthless e juice.


Any smoker contemplating a move to vaping, would be wise to visit their local vape store for everything they're going to need. Buying a cigarette is simple compared with vaping. Vaping requires a full knowledge of the mechanics of the apparatus.


There is no one single vape device. They come in various guises, with some slim ones, and others in the shape of a box. Choosing the right one and the right mix juice, may depend on whether you want to blow big clouds, or no cloud at all.


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It has by now been drummed into us that vaping is very much safer than smoking, but there can still be dangers attached if you don’t use your e device correctly.


If you don’t handle vaping pen and e liquid UK the right way you device could still go up in smoke, pardon the pun, and if you spill certain juices on your skin you could also come a cropper.


It has to be said that e juices without nicotine in it are not dangerous at all when spilled on the skin. It is the nicotine you may add to them that could be problematic. A little spill will do you no harm, but a larger spill can lead to green tobacco sickness.


When this happens you will have absorbed too much of it through the skin. If you have spilled some on yourself you should wash it off immediately.


It is not likely that you suffer great harm, but you could suffer nausea and headaches. If you wash it off, you need to know that this liquid is water soluble and it will just disappear.


Because vaping has become increasingly popular you need to know what can happen if you don’t use your device correctly.


If you do not maintain it regular it could explode, but it has to be said that this occurrence is very rare. You will also make sure that the batteries are not damaged. Explosions do happen if your batteries are past their best. You need to change them from time to time, especially if the skin seems to have worn off.


It is a big no-no to charge your vaping device during the night when you can’t see that something is going wrong. You will also have to make sure that you use the right batteries and manufacturers will recommend the right ones.


It is not that the pen itself explodes, but the batteries within if they have to expel too much energy. You need to ask your provider about safe vaping.


Vaping pens and e liquid UK are available from https://www.no1ejuice.com/.


With over ten thousand e juice flavours, it's hardly surprising that the difficulty of finding original names, means there are some pretty daft ones.


If you were to set up a vape juice business, it might be fun dreaming up original names. But a look at some of the existing ones, reveals you can call them whatever you want, as long as it's legal.


Vaping was designed to help smokers kick the habit and find a less dangerous way of getting their nicotine. Nicotine is extremely addictive, and it also just happens to be a poison.


For that reason, in both cigarettes and vape juice, the proportion of nicotine is strictly controlled. Someone that is about to try vaping and drop smoking, should note the strength of their cigarettes.


This is important as they will want to have a similar level of nicotine in the vape juice. If they try to reduce the nicotine too much and too quickly, it could be a disappointment and result in a return to cigarettes.


Nearly everyone that moves over to vaping, finds it difficult at first and must try and persevere for the first few weeks.


Although everything required for vaping is available online, it is advisable to visit one of the UK's two thousand vape stores for helpful advice. Whilst the hardware is initially best bought under guidance from the store, the juices can certainly be bought online.


The Candy King Batch is not a bad place to begin. This is a popular vape and if you are going to start somewhere, then this might be as good as any.


Another popular vape juice is any of the tobacco flavoured ones. These are sometimes easier for the first time vape user as it reminds them of their old cigarettes.


Later, they can try some of the other flavours and even consider a mix. One vape acquaintance has followed a path taken by many. This was to start on a menthol flavour, that obviously reminded him of his old menthol cigarette habit.


Then, following a suggestion from his local vape shop, he added peppermint that accentuated it further.


For Candy King Batch https://www.no1ejuice.com/candy-king-e-liquid/


Even though e juices contain fewer ingredients, there are more than just nicotine and water.


In the body of a vaping device there is a reservoir for liquid, mainly water. This is heated up via a coil. Wicking is used to draw the liquid towards the coil and this is often cotton. The vapour produced is inhaled.


E juices including e liquid UK do all contain vaguely the same ingredients, but there are differences in taste between brands.



Other ingredients are vegetable glycerine which the food industry uses as a preservative, a texture enhancer and a thickener. As you can see this is a food grade substance. Propylene glycol is also used and is odourless and is used in anti-freeze.


The latter is a sometimes problematic ingredient because some people are allergic to it causing eye and breathing irritation. If you find that you are susceptible to it, you could either cut it out or use only a little of it in your e juices.


Of course, flavourings are also used and there are some pretty amazing flavours out there. There have been some problems relating to diacetyl but this substance has been banned in the UK. If you are buying buttery flavoured juices on the internet from abroad you need to look out for this ingredient.


You also need to know that the UK has very strict regulations for e cigs. List of ingredients have to be stated clearly on packaging and labelling. This will allow consumers to make informed decisions about the choices they make.


If you have just switched from smoking to vaping there is a big chance that you cannot do without nicotine. There are liquids with varying amounts of nicotine available, so that you can match the strength to what you were used to.


Although nicotine is harmless in cigarettes it can cause problems in liquid form. When you add a drop or two to your liquid you should always wear gloves because an accidental spill on the skin can cause unpleasant side effects.


For information about e liquid UK please visit https://www.no1ejuice.com/.


Any smoker tempted to switch to vaping must be prepared to stick at it for at least a couple of weeks.


Many fail too early and go back to tobacco. Some complain of a sore or dry throat, and that just may be the wrong ingredients. PG and VG can be had in any proportion and by reducing PG any throat problem should go.


There are plenty of vape users that still carry a pack of cigarettes around with them. Just having an occasional one seems to keep them happy. And although few people admit to switching to vaping to save money, it certainly does.


My neighbour was a heavy smoker for many years and now that he vapes instead, every day he puts away the price of two packets of cigarettes minus he cost of his e-juice, and reckons it will pay for his summer holiday.


He buys the 100ml e liquid in some exotic flavours and likes to mix them up. His favourite today is a mix of peppermint and menthol. His next will be the one he has just discovered that is extracted from the cannabis plant.


When I asked if that was legal, he replied it is not the same as the drug and is legally permitted. In fact, all juices just like all vape equipment, have to be tested by the MHRA that stands for Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Authority.


Any company producing vape goods of any description, has to send a sample of any new product six months before they are allowed to release it on the market.


There are strict controls on the maximum nicotine content, the tanks can only hold 2ml and the juice can only be sold in bottles up to 10ml.


All containers have to be child proof and clearly labelled. It's easy to forget that nicotine is a poison that in large neat doses can kill.


It may be too early to categorically claim that vaping is safer than smoking, but early indications suggest that it causes less health problems.


For 100ml e liquid https://www.no1ejuice.com/100ml-short-fill-e-liquid/


As with all products including smoking and vaping there are now regulations as to the minimum standards for quality and safety.


There are now standards to ensure that e liquid UK has at least a quality and safety requirement so that customers can make informed choices as to what they buy. E juices can now not be sold in bottles of more than 10 ml and cannot be stronger than 2 per cent.



Furthermore products now have labelling on them with a health warning about nicotine. Although this ingredient is not thought to be dangerous it is nevertheless a highly addictive substance. The labelling also specifies how much nicotine content the liquid carries per dose.


When you buy a bottle of e juice you will also be able to tell what ingredients it contains. There also have to be instructions for use and storage. Liquids have a shelf life like all perishable products and you will find this on the packaging as well as storage instructions.


There are other things you have to be mindful of. If you spill any liquid on your hands you need to wash them well and you should never swallow any of it. These juices have to be atomised before they are inhaled. Your vaping pen has a coil within the device which heats the juice which then atomises the liquid.


You also have to use your vaping pen correctly and for this you need to read the instructions before you use it at all. Although inhaling vapour rather than inhaling burnt leaves is miles safer, there is sometimes an issue with vaping devices.


If they are handled correctly you should have no problems with them at all. What you need to know that pens themselves are safe, but you have to take care of the batteries that are being used. To keep yourself safe you have to charge your device carefully.


If you are in any doubt at all it is best to ask your local vaping shop for advice.


If you are looking for a particular e liquid UK please visit https://www.no1ejuice.com/.

5 Questions to Help You Buy the Best Box Mod

Are you looking to buy a new box mod but you don't know what to look for? If so, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a list of 5 questions that will help you to work out what you are looking for from a box mod and how to evaluate the ones that you are looking to buy.


What is the wattage adjustment?


Box mods should offer you a range of wattage options so that you can turn up or down the power of the device depending on your own personal preferences. We are all different and most of us will benefit from a box mod that can offer us a range of different power settings.


You should look for a box mod that starts from about 50 Watts but allows you to go all the way up to 220 Watts. It just gives you a better range over your vape habit so that you can have fun and experiment or change depending on your mood.


How long is the battery life?


There is nothing worse than picking up your vape device only to find that the battery has run out. When you buy a box mod, you should research it to see how long the battery lasts. Some of the best mods will have very long batteries and this is the sort of thing that you should be looking for when buying new box mods UK.


You should be able to find details on review sites and online forums. Even if you can't find anything, visit one of the forums and ask directly because in most cases someone will know how long the battery life is on a particular device.


Does the screen offer you the functionality you need?


Box mods are very clever and they come with their own screens detailing what is going on within the system. For example, the screen can tell you how hot the devices and how many watts you are using.


Think about the sort of things that you want to know about your box mod and then choose one that has a screen that offers this level of functionality.


Clearly, the more complex you want the screen to be, the more expensive the more days likely to be, but you can find some excellent mods that offer excellent screen functionality. You might have to spend a little extra though.


How comfortable is the box model to hold?


Another really important thing with box mods that is often overlooked is how comfortable it feels in your hand. Again, use the forums to see how other people rate the box mod in terms of comfort. You don't want to buy a mod that is too heavy in your hand.


How much does the Box mod cost?


Finally, you should think about the price. Some box mods of very expensive, fetching more than £200. However, you can get buy decent box mods UK mod for as little as £70.


Ask yourself these questions when buying a new box mod and you will be able to find one that works for you.

How to Solve Common E-juice Problems

When it comes to e-juice, money people have issues from time to time. Fortunately, you can address most of these problems easily as long as you know how. In this article, we are going to teach you just that. We are going to look at five common e-juice problems and provide you with ways to solve the problem.


Your E-juice hurts Your Throat or Tongue


E-juice is hurting your throat or time is one of the most common problems that people experience with vape. Many people enjoy a harsh hit at the back of the throat because it reminds them of smoking. However, this can lead to soreness too. 


 A sore tongue or sore throat is normally caused by one of three problems:


  1. Your e-juice contains too much propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a relatively harsh ingredient in the vape. You should never vape juices that contain more than 50% propylene glycol, and even that is extremely high and only compatible with a small number of people.  
  2. Some people are allergic to propylene glycol. This means that no matter how much propylene glycol you have in your juice, it is going to irritate you. 


With these two issues, try cutting out propylene glycol completely to see if it makes a difference.  You can buy e liquid UK that only contains vegetable glycerine. Then reintroducing it in increments of a 10% ratio at a time.


  1. Another ingredient in the soaps that can sometimes cause sore throat and tongue is nicotine. Try cutting back on nicotine to see if that helps. Alternatively, if the thought of cutting back on nicotine is too much for you (I'm a nicotine addict too - I know what that's like!), and if you are using nicotine salts, try changing to freebase nicotine because nicotine salt tends to be harsher than freebase nicotine. Therefore, if you choose the juice that contains freebase nicotine instead of nicotine salts, this might help too.


You Can Taste Burning When You Vape


If you can taste burning when you vape, then it's usually because you're burning the juice or the coils.  Whenever you vape, you have to allow the e-juice to fully saturate the coils and the wick.  If you don't, then you can inadvertently burn your coils and if you do this, you can taste it in your juice.


There is no rescuing a coil once it has burnt out, so if you do taste burning, you need to change your coil and in future make sure that your wicks and coils are properly saturated.


The Juice Keeps Clogging Your Device


If you are finding that your device keeps clogging, then you are probably vaping a high vegetable glycerine juice and not cleaning your device often enough.  The solution here is either to clean your device more often or to choose the liquid that contains more propylene glycol. 


If you can't use more propylene glycol, you can dilute the juice with distilled water which when combined with vegetable glycerine becomes aqueous glycerine and is much thinner. You can buy aqueous glycerine e liquid UK from a number of vape shops, but it is rare. Most people who do this choose to add the distilled water themselves.


We hope that you have found this article useful and that you have found the solution to some of your e-liquid problems. Most issues people have with their ejuices are easy to fix. Good luck!

How to Tell That You Have Found a Good E-Liquid Supplier

Finding a decent e-liquid supplier is one of the best things that you can do for your vape habit. It helps to ensure that you have a steady supply of high-quality products and services. This will be invaluable.


Finding a decent e-liquid supplier is not always as easy as it may first appear. There are thousands of different suppliers out there, perhaps even hundreds of thousands. Clearly, they are going to offer a range of quality in terms of their juices and devices. From your perspective, you want to find the highest quality supplier for the most reasonable amount of money.  


In this article, we are going to teach you how to spot decent e liquid suppliers. 



The products they supply conform to health and safety standards

The most important thing to look for from a supplier is their conformity with health and safety regulations. With so many different vape suppliers out there, you won't be surprised to learn that some of them sell dangerous products. Clearly, you want to avoid these suppliers and to do that you need to make sure that the supplier from whom you are buying are TPD compliant. 


You can establish this by asking them to provide certification of their ejuices and devices. All compliant shops will be more than happy to provide you with evidence to settle your peace of mind so you know you are shopping with a reliable seller.


The supplier sells a good selection of products

Good suppliers are all about giving their customers what they want. When it comes to vape, most people enjoy a variety of flavours. As such, the sign of a decent vape supplier is one that sells many different vape juice flavours. 


The supplier has a good customer services and delivery system

A decent supplier of any products, including vape, should be able to offer their customers a good service experience. They will listen to your queries and answer them punctually and in a manner, that answers the query properly.  


They will also offer a decent delivery service, which means that products should be sent out in a timely manner and that you are kept informed and updated on the delivery service. They should also have special delivery options, such as next day delivery. Many vapers need this level of service. A good vape shop, such as the vape shop Bromley, will be aware of this and will provide such a service for their customers. 


The supplier has a good reputation

One of the key indicators that shows that a supplier is decent, and it doesn't matter what sort of supplier or shop they are car or what products they sell, is that they have a solid reputation. This reputation is not manufactured, so online reviews should be written by genuine people, and real-world recommendation should come from people you trust.


The supplier has a decent website

Finally, a decent supplier will spend time creating the best business that they can, and this includes making sure that their website is functional and easy to use.


Following the advice outlined above will help you to find the best supplier for your needs and tastes.


Vape is supposed to be a method of getting away from tobacco and yet the two ways of obtaining nicotine are treated under the TPD laws.


TPD is a set of rules that stand for Tobacco Products Directive. It covers things like nicotine content  amongst other smoke related regulations.


The problem with vaping is that from a distance it can look like just another form of smoking. And yet, smoke does not come into this at all. The other problem with vaping is that it has only been with us a little over a decade and it seems still not to have its own clear identity.


When it first appeared the WHO was strongly against it and persuaded many countries not to allow it. If you like to vape, you need to check the rules of any country you may be visiting for work or pleasure.


The tank that holds the e juice is regulated in capacity by the same directive and it's common to see vape shops advertising a TPD compliant tank. They may also promote TPD compliant e liquid.


This means the e liquid is sold in limited size containers. Why this should be so is hard to explain. It simply means having to buy multiple juices at the same time. And the restricted tank capacity also means it needs regular filling.



This is particularly annoying for cloud chasers. A cloud chaser is the term applied to a vape fan that likes to blow large and intricate cloud shapes. You often see these people in groups all trying to outdo each other.


Not having much experience with this cloud habit, I'm reliably informed that in the States, and who knows, maybe in the UK, there are competitions with big prize money for the best vape in competitions.


Vaping continues to grow in popularity with more people ditching the fag habit and moving across. Currently, it's three million people in the UK and at this rate, smoking may within a few years, be a distant memory.


As more and more of us become interested to change from smoking to vaping but there are still dangers attached, especially if you are new to the habit


You will have to learn about e juice UK as when you know little about them you may just choose any e juice you fancy and you must know how to charge your device.


You should never use a charger that is close to hand and convenient, but you must use the charger that accompanied your vaping pen.


These were specially produced to go with it and it will, therefore, be compatible with it and especially with the battery. Just as you probably don’t leave your mobile device plugged in overnight, you should do the same with your vaping pen. Anything could happen if it gets overheated and it is better to be there if that happens.


Most new devices will come with instructions for use and it is important that you should read them first. Most women will, but men often overlook them which is a mistake as they can be dangerous if not used correctly.


Just as you have to look after your equipment, e juices should also be handled properly. When filling the tank with e juice you should take care that you do not spill any of it on your skin. Nicotine is a poison and it could harm you.  The instructions will also show you at which temperature you have to store the liquid.


As far as I can see it there is a danger if you draw anything other than air in your lungs, but it has been proved that vaping is much safer than tobacco. The only real danger is that batteries could explode. This is why you should never use any battery. If you are in doubt, consult your retailer.



Certain ingredients and flavourings could cause you irritation. These are PG and some sweet flavourings such as vanilla. If you are prone to irritations you could have a word with your vaping professional.

Asking Questions Is the Best Way To A Good Vape


The appealing thing about vaping is that there is such a variety of liquid flavours available. Especially amongst adolescents who didn’t smoke before the sweeter tasting ones were preferred.


When ex-smokers choose an e juice UK it is fairly certain that they choose an e juice which closely mimics tobacco and the nicotine content that they have become used to.


There are currently over 7,000 e liquids for sale and whilst different brands make similar flavours to their rivals, they all have their unique quality and taste. You can see why it is such a mine field for beginners to choose between one or another.


In the end it all comes down to personal taste.  Liquids only have few ingredients such as water, flavourings, VG and PG. The liquid is drawn to the coil by a normally cotton wick. At this point the heated liquid forms droplets or vapour which is inhaled.


PG and VG are ingredients also used in the food industry. VG is a sweetener whilst PG although used in food can cause allergens. If you find that you suffer headaches and airway irritation, you are better served by reducing the ratio of this substance in your e liquids.


When it comes to flavourings many brands say that their ingredients are food grade. However, you could ask your retailer, but I am inclined to believe that the more expensive well-known brands will take more care about the safety of their customers.


You will know that nicotine as a stand-alone ingredient is safe, but on the other hand this substance is highly addictive. When you fill your vaping tank you will have to make sure though that you wear gloves. The reason for this is when it is in its liquid form it touches the skin it can be a more dangerous substance.


When you start vaping ask your provider the dos and don’ts of vaping as a good vape depends entirely on how you handle your vaping pen.


For e juice UK go to an e juice provider at https://www.no1ejuice.com/, https://www.no1ejuice.com/e-liquid/.

Choosing a New E-Liquid: What You Should Look For

If you've decided to start vaping because you want a healthier habit fan smoking, then Vaping is a good option. It gives you many of the same feelings as smoking, but it carries much fewer risks. Part of making sure that you make the transition easily is insuring that you get the various aspects of vape right. Today we are going to help you to understand what you should be looking for in your juices.


Ejuices come in a huge range of different flavours and types. Some people will prefer one juice while other people will prefer an offer. Your role as the person who's taking up the new habit is to work out which type of juices suit you best and we're going to help you do this.




Understanding the different terminology


Whilst different juices have different content, the name of the juice it's never referenced in the different levels of ingredients within the juice.


Because juices go by so many different names, people can assume that the different names are relating to different levels of ingredient. They're not. When you're choosing your juice, you'll have to look at individual ingredients to see how much of which product is in the juice.


There are many different terms for e juice. These include:


  • e juice
  • Digital juice
  • vape
  • vape juice
  • vape liquid
  • E-Liquid


And many more, but the important thing for you to learn is that they are all referring to the same thing and they do not refer to the varying amounts of ingredients within the juice.


How the various ingredients affect the juice.


Juices contain different amounts of ingredients, but all juices contain the same four ingredients. Your preference for the different levels of ingredients will be different to the next person. This means that when looking for the best e-liquid UK, you will have to go from your personal preference, and not from other people's recommendations.


To work out which is going to be the best liquid for you, you need to understand how these four ingredients affect the vape experience.


Vegetable glycerine:  this is the part of the juice that creates the most vapour. The greater the amount of vegetable glycerine, the larger your clouds are going to be. It's also sweet and has a gentle effect at the back of the throat.


Propylene glycol:  this part of the juice is responsible for the throat hit. It also acts to dilute the vegetable glycerine, making the vegetable glycerine passed through your device more easily, which then leads to less clogging.  If you like a good throat hit, then a higher PG juice will suit you.


Flavouring:  e liquid flavours are the same as those used in certain types of food, such as sweets.  When choosing your favours, think about which flavoured sweets you prefer and then opt for a juice that has that type of Flavour. This will help you to find the best juice for your tastes.


Nicotine:  this is the part of the juice that gives you the buzz. You need to match your nicotine requirements to the nicotine content of the juice. Some juices don't contain nicotine, so if you just want to vape without the buzz then choose zero nicotine juices.


If you're interested in buying a new juice, please visit .