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Why Ex-Smokers Choose to Vape

Are you a smoker? Are you unsure about whether to try and substitute smoking for vaping? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have been asking our Ex-smoker customers why they eventually started to vape. Four themes emerged from our research. We’re going to explore these themes below. It’s our hope that by reading about other people’s experiences, you will come to see the value of vaping over smoking.

It Helps Them to Finally Quit
This is quite obvious, but the primary reason ex-smokers gave for starting to vape was that it would help them to quit. There were a few things that we noted here, and it’s important for you to be aware of them before you attempt to vape. Understanding these issues will make it much more likely for you to succeed in quitting smoking:

1.    Some people had to keep trying before the vape habit actually took hold. They’d go back to smoking intermittently until eventually quitting smoking entirely. Therefore, you should expect a few relapses.

2.    People found that vaping was much more useful than other nicotine replacement therapies simply because vaping makes it easier to break the habit. They’re both very similar styles of habit, so it’s much easier to replace all the hand movement, etc. You might not be aware, but it isn’t just the nicotine that keeps people smoking, but the actual habit itself. Vaping is habit breaking.

3.    They often found it difficult initially to get the balance of ingredients right (i.e. how much nicotine the vape should contain, the PG/VG ratio, etc.). This was worked out through trial and error, but also by talking to their UK Ecig store and asking for further help and advice.


All the Flavours Make It Much Less Boring
A surprising number of people said that they found vaping much more interesting than smoking because there were more flavours from which to choose. With smoking, you have the usual tobacco or the menthol flavours. With vaping, there are hundreds of flavours, from my personal favourite Pink Me Momo to ‘normal’ flavours, like citrus, orange, chocolate, and spearmint.

You certainly won’t get bored when it comes to experimentation.

It Looks Quite Cool
It turns out that smokers are a little vainer than we assumed, and many of them said they loved vaping because it looked cool. We can’t deny this, though. It does look awesome when people blow out huge plumes of vape. There are entire areas of YouTube dedicated to the vape plumes - if you're interested, you should look it up. It’s like something from the Harry Potter world. We’re just waiting for the days when people can blow unicorn clouds or bicycle clouds!

It Saves Them a Lot of Money
Finally, many ex-smokers cited cost as a reason for giving up their cigarettes. This makes sense, because after the initial outlay (i.e. buying the vape, wicks, etc.) it works out a lot cheaper. A typical smoker will spend between £150 and £300 a month, while a typical vaper will spend around £20. There are some vapers who make a hobby of it though, and they do tend to spend a bit more.

If you're interested in learning more about vaping, or in taking up vaping, then please visitour website.