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Quitting Cigarettes: What Are Your Options?

So, you’re toying with the idea of giving up smoking, but you’re not entirely sure how to do this. There are so many methods out there to help people quit, the choosing the right one can be confusing. Some promise to deliver a quick fix, and it’s incredibly tempting to go for it.

However, it’s important that you have a good understanding of the options so you can choose the right one for you. The right one varies depending on who you are.

Today, we are going to look at some tried and tested methods for quitting cigarettes. Read thought the descriptions and pick one that you think will work, pick your quit date, and then get quitting.

A Few Quick Tips
There are a few things that all smokers need to know about the quitting process:

1.    You will get cravings. Recognise them for what they are. They will tell you that you need a cigarette above all else, but if you sit with them they DO disappear. It might take an hour, two hours, three, but they DO go away again. The more times you sit through the cravings, the longer it will take for them to come back, until eventually, you might have a craving once or twice a year.

2.    Tell everyone about your quit day. The social pressure makes it easier to find your resolve. No one wants to look weak willed in front of his or her peers.

3.    Get everything out of the house: all lighters, empty cigarette boxes, etc. everything that reminds you of smoking, get it out.

Quitting: Your Options
There are many quitting options, so we’ll take a look at the most popular ones, bearing in mind that they're popular because they’re successful.

1.    Hypnosis: the exact mechanism behind this is unknown, but for some, it certainly works. It may be that you need to have a certain susceptibility to hypnosis for it to work or that you really want to quit. A good choice, but it can be expensive. Still, it’s cheaper than smoking!

2.    E-cigarettes and vaping: this is a great method for people who have tried to quit but miss the habit too much. Here, you get to keep much of the habit, including the all-important part: taking something back into your lungs.

If you take a trip to a UK ecig store, you'll find that the staff will help you to find a package that works well for you. For example, this could mean buying a vape kit or buying an electronic cigarette. The important thing is that they will work with you to find the best solution.


3.    Nicorette replacement gum: personally, this worked very well for me. I gave up smoking around 2002 and haven't smoked since. The only problem I found was that I became addicted to the gum for the next 8 years. I managed to quit that cold turkey in the end.

We hope that you have found this article informative, and that it has given you a little food for thought. If you'd like to enquire further about e-cigarettes, then please visit http://www.no1ejuice.com/