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Vaping: How Power Settings and Battery Choice Can Help You Make Fat Clouds

For many, one of the best things about vaping is the size of the clouds that you can make. With the right equipment, you can make some huge plumes – forget smoke rings, you can make smoke donuts and all sorts.


Today, we’re going to look at the ways in which power setting and battery choice impact on the size of your clouds. If you want to make fat clouds, then read on…


How to Adjust Power Settings to Make Your Clouds Fat as You Like

There’s only one rule that you really need to remember here: the more power, the bigger the cloud!


You'll notice that the vape pens and vaporiser have different wattage capacities. A typical wattage is 60w. When you browse for pens, you'll notice that they will say 30w, or 100w, of even 250w.


You'll also find YouTube videos of people who custom-make their pens and create wattages of more than 1000w! They make some humungous clouds, but it’s not recommended that you go that high.


You also have to understand another thing about watts and vaporisers. Many vaporisers/vape pens have variable wattage. This means that you can adjust the wattage as you want. For instance, when vaping in public, you'll probably want to choose a low wattage because it’s not wise to create huge vape clouds while you're out amongst the people – many won’t like walking through your clouds!


Another thing that you need to understand is that how powerful the wattage is depends on the unit. For example, if you buy two pens from the same vape shop and they have the same wattage range, they are not necessarily equal. If one pen takes more wattage to heat the coil (e.g. because the coils are larger) then it will produce a smaller cloud than the other pen that takes less wattage to heat the coil – you could set them both to 60w, but their clouds will be different.


There’s also a danger of overheating if you vape at a high wattage with a pen/vaporiser that is not optimised for that particular wattage. Because the battery is heating the coil, you need a certain amount of airflow to ensure that the heat can dissipate. Without this, it can become dangerously hot. Not only will this make your vape hot to the touch, but it will make the cloud hot too, and that can hurt your throat.


So, in terms of power settings, to create big plumes you need a high wattage vaporiser, that has a decent amount of airflow. You will also need to match the tank to the wattage – make sure that it can take the amount of power that you need to run through it.


How Does Battery Choice Impact on Your Plumes

In order to maximise your vapour clouds, you need to choose a battery that can provide your vaporiser with the correct amount of energy/voltage. It is the battery that suppliers the unit with power, so you need to match the battery to the power setting.


For example, if you have 100w vaporiser, you need a battery that can provide you with 100w on a continuous basis, at least until it runs out. It’s important that you don’t under or over power the unit so do be sure to read the instructions provide by the vape shop and buy an appropriate battery.


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