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With so many different types of e-cigarette juice out there, how do you know which one is right for you? At No.1 Ejuice we only stock the tastiest, highest quality vape liquids, so you can trust us to advise you on the best products for you needs. As one of the UK’s leading stockists of e-cigarette liquid, our customers are guaranteed excellent products at wholesale prices!

You Need Advice From e Liquid Suppliers

I know it is extremely difficult to kick a smoking habit of a lifetime. The reason for this is that the ingredients in cigarettes, especially nicotine, are very addictive.  Some people smoke all day long and others are social smokers.


I have talked to some committed vapers and they found the transition from smoking to vaping relatively easy.  So, you should give vaping a try if you are desperate to stop smoking cigarettes which are now very expensive.



Your first step has to be to do your research and advice from e liquid suppliers should be high on your list.  If you look on the internet retailers often have blogs on their website about different aspects of vaping and advice on how to start.

It is not just about a vaporiser and off you go.  You will have to buy an e liquid too.  There are so many available, though, and you will have to give some thought at what flavours you like.  


Perhaps in the beginning you may want to try a flavour that matches your previous habit more closely.  If you have smoked menthol cigarettes in the past you could choose a liquid that contains something similar.


When you start you could also choose a nicotine strength that you have been used to.  There are different strengths available and you could gradually wean yourself onto a lighter one.  


Vaping is different and nicotine hits are more pronounced, so perhaps you could start with a lesser strength but you will have to experiment.  To this end there are starter packs available that contain different liquids.


This will stop you from having to buy individual liquids so you will spend less money trying them out.  You may surprise yourself about tastes that you would not normally have smoked in a cigarette and find that you really like fruit flavours, for instance.


As you graduate onto more fancy vaporisers, you will find that you can regulate vapour strength and can fit larger cartridges in them so that you do not have to refill them so often.


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