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The Spectre That Haunts Every Vapers Nightmares: Vaper’s Tongue

It’s the stuff of nightmares: you’ve spent 20 years smoking and you’ve finally discovered vape. You’ve got your set up perfect to replace the habit – you know how to get a good throat hit, you know how to manage your nicotine habit, you know which flavours you love – everything works…


… Then, out of nowhere, something happens…dun, dun, dun: you get hit with vaper’s tongue. Suddenly, your juice doesn’t taste as nice anymore. In fact, it tastes like sawdust. And worse than that, it feels as if your tongue has turned into sandpaper – it’s bordering on painful.


What are you going to do? You’ve given up smoking for a good year or two now and there’s no way you're going back. Just the thought of telling everybody you’ve fallen off the wagon fills you with a sense of shame. You long for the sweet, sweet, taste of yesterday (often literally, vaper’s tongue can come on suddenly), when your juices tasted like summer in a bowl.


Yes, you’ve developed vaper’s tongue, and it can feel terrible – especially if you're not aware of what it is. The terrible feeling isn’t one of discomfort, just that your vape habit no longer feels like the bastion of hope it once did. Dare I say it, but you might even be considering picking up smoking again.


Don’t, it’s OK. Vaper’s tongue is not the end of the world, and it’s certainly not the end of your vape habit. You just need to understand what’s caused it and what you need to do to get rid of it.



The Cause

The cause is simple: you’ve vaped with the same flavour for too long. Contrary to what some people believe, it is not caused by cheap vape juice or vaping of dangerous chemicals. Vaper’s tongue is actually a sort of fatigue for your tongue.


Your taste buds have become accustomed to the taste and they no longer react properly to the juice. This means that you stop creating as much saliva, which in turn turns your mouth dry and gives you that cotton-wool feeling in the mouth.


It also means that you don’t taste the flavour as much, if at all. The same thing would happen if you were to eat the same food day in and day out. Our bodies need variety. Your tongue can’t differentiate between food and vape, and so it treats it all the same.


If it thinks that you're eating the same foods every day, it will lose interest because you won’t be getting the required nutrients and vitamins needed for a varied diet.


What Can You Do?

First, don’t give up on your vape habit. There’s plenty you can do to help:


  1. Make sure you stay hydrated. If you aren't producing as much saliva as you were before, then naturally you will need to drink more water.


  1. Swap flavours – if you’ve become accustomed to a particular flavour, then changing flavour will help to correct the issue. Go for a completely different flavour to give your tongue a break. Vaper’s tongue is much more likely to happen in people who only vape a single flavour.


  1. Whatever flavour you decide to vape, give it a break every few days by vaping a different flavour. This will help to prevent all future occurrences of vaper’s tongue.


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