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With so many different types of e-cigarette juice out there, how do you know which one is right for you? At No.1 Ejuice we only stock the tastiest, highest quality vape liquids, so you can trust us to advise you on the best products for you needs. As one of the UK’s leading stockists of e-cigarette liquid, our customers are guaranteed excellent products at wholesale prices!

Too Many Juice Choices

Close to three million ex-smokers in the UK are now using e cigs instead of tobacco. If you still smoke tobacco products and want to stop, but lack the willpower, then think juice.


There is much to consider when looking at this option and although all products are available online, it’s advisable to visit a high street e cig stockist for detailed advice


To begin with, there is more than one apparatus and there are also many thousands of different flavoured juices. The proprietor of one of the shops will be able to help you choose the system and flavour best suited to your taste.


One other point to understand is the difference between PG and VG. The VG stands for vegetable juice and the PG for propylene glycol.


Again, this is something the proprietor of a vape shop will be able to explain in better detail. Most shops stock a couple of hundred juices out of the many thousands available.


They will have a good cross section of the most popular and this is normally as many as anyone would want to look at.


It’s a bit like going into your local and being pleased to see a good selection of half a dozen draft beers. We know there are thousands of different brands around the world, but half a dozen well selected ones are enough.



Too much of anything is not necessarily better. The internet is full of top ten lists of all consumables and it’s no surprise to see plenty of these lists about e liquid flavours.

 Vaping is not intended for someone that has never smoked tobacco products. It’s intended to help people that find it difficult to give up the weed. But it’s also hoped that in time even vaping will lose its appeal and people will happily exist without either.


We know the possible long-term damage that tobacco can cause but vaping has not been around long enough to see any adverse effects.


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