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Four Things That You Should Watch for When Choosing an E-juice Supplier

It is important that you make the correct choices when choosing an e-juice supplier. You will be inhaling this product, so you must ensure that it is safe and that it will not damage your lungs. For this reason, you need to research your e-juice suppliers before you buy and use their products.



Below, you will find four assessment criteria by which to assess your e liquid suppliers. Make sure that you follow this criteria for each supplier you use, and then keep checking up on them intermittently to ensure that they still conform.


  1. That they’re from the UK.

The first thing to look for is where the company is based. In the UK, the vape industry is heavily regulated and vape suppliers must adhere to health and safety regulations. By shopping from a UK-based supplier, you will afford yourself a decent level of protection. The must conform to safety standards and protect your consumer rights.


  1. That they're a genuine business.

There are plenty of people selling e-juice in the UK who are not registered businesses. These are people messing around with juices at home for the most part. They are not supposed to be selling their products to third parties and you must only ever buy from a registered business.


The business registration provides proof that they are a genuine business, and that they are conforming to health and safety standards. Non-business based sellers may not even be aware of the rules surrounding e-juice, and so it’s a risk not worth taking.


There are no guarantees that the business is conforming to the rules. However, it does increase the likelihood that they are because if they are caught trading in contradiction to regulations, they will be penalised and potentially put out of business.


To find out if the business is genuine, visit Companies House and search for the business there. Make sure that the addresses and people match up.


  1. That they have tested their products and have proof of safety.

A decent supplier will ensure that their products have passed safety tests. For example, they will only source food grade or pharmaceutical grade juices. You are more than allowed to ask for proof of this and a decent business will be happy to provide you with such proof. For many, this can seem like a step too far, but if you are concerned about your health, then ask for proof.


  1. That they have a good reputation.

Finally, decent e liquid suppliers will have good reputations. You will be able to look them up on line and find details of their products and how other people rate the products and services that they offer. You should always research a business before you buy from them. It is the best way to stay safe as a consumer.