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Tobacco And Nightshade

Tobacco contains nicotine and this is a highly addictive nitrogen based chemical. The tobacco plant is a member of the deadly nightshade plant and the addiction is estimated to be just as powerful as heroin.


So, if you are a non-smoker and critical of tobacco users, don’t just expect them to be able to stop at the drop of a hat. At the beginning of this century, a heavy smoking chemist tried to invent an alternative way of getting a nicotine hit without tobacco products.


The result was the electronic cigarette that is now more commonly referred to as vaping. The object was to get that nicotine hit without breathing in the many deadlier by-products.


Nicotine on its own is now not considered to be the main cause of chronic illness. It’s any one of around seventy chemicals in the tobacco leaf that creates the problems of respiratory disease and cancers.


Choosing a preferred vape juice is the most difficult part of switching from tobacco to vaping. The list of flavours is almost unlimited. There are several hundred manufacturers of liquids and between them, several thousand flavours.


In addition, when new to vaping it’s necessary to know the level of nicotine content required. This is far easier to control than just smoking tobacco.


For a person trying to give up conventional cigarettes, it’s likely they will want to begin on the highest nicotine content vape. And If they are serious about giving up all forms of breathing in fumes and vapour, then they can reduce this nicotine content gradually.


Statistics show a sharp decline in cigarettes and other tobacco related products in many parts of the world. The countries that are serious about discouraging the habit impose the highest taxes on these products.


In the UK we have one of the highest tariffs on tobacco, just a short way behind the highest country that is Australia. This certainly has discouraged youngsters from taking up the habit and although there are still an estimated one billion tobacco users around the world, the figure is fast reducing.