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Getting It Right: Vape Juice and PG/VG Ratios

When you first begin your vape habit, it can feel a little confusing. There is so much to learn. The devices are so complicated that they can almost force you to rage quit the habit (and we’re sure that must have happened more than once!).


However, while they're much easier to understand, people can also become confused with their choice of vape juice.


Today, we are going to look at the topic of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) ratios in e-juices. By understanding this topic, you can ensure that you make the right choices when buying your juices.


The Throat Hit

Many people arrive at vaping from smoking. They may have high expectations for the habit to feel the same. They are similar, but it’s important that you understand that they are not the same.


And the area that appears to create the most issues is in the throat hit. This refers to the way in which the e cig liquid hits the back of your throat. When smoking, you get a harsh hit to the throat and it gives you feeling of satisfaction. The vape hit is similar, but it’s not the same.


Some people find the throat hit too gentle – it doesn't quite have the edge and grit of a smoke hit.


This is where PG becomes important. Whilst it can’t entirely mimic the throat hit to smoking, a higher PG juice will feel stronger. PG is a harsher chemical than VG, so a very high PG ratio is actually 50% PG to 50%VG (30PG:70PG is still high too). You can’t find juices with a higher ration than 50PG:50VG in terms of PG. This can throw some people off, because you can buy 99%VG juices, but not 99%PG juices. It’s simply because VG is much smoother than PG, so its effects are less apparent at higher ratios.


A 50:50 juice will give you a decent hit to the back of the throat.


However, there’s more to it than that. High levels of nicotine (although 20mg per 1mg of liquid is the maximum allowed for e cig liquid in the UK) can also increase the hit at the back of the throat, and so does turning up the power settings and reducing airflow on your devices.


Alternatively, if you find the throat hit too harsh, then try a lower PG and a higher VG juice. VG gives a smooth hit to the throat – it doesn't create much of a hit at all and it is not a grating hit.


The best thing to do is to try different ratios until you find the one that’s right for you. You will know which way to tweak it because of the information contained here. E.g. if you want a smoother hit, you now know to go for a higher VG juice.


Keep this information in mind when choosing your juices and it will make your choice much easier to make.