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Asking Questions Is the Best Way To A Good Vape


The appealing thing about vaping is that there is such a variety of liquid flavours available. Especially amongst adolescents who didn’t smoke before the sweeter tasting ones were preferred.


When ex-smokers choose an e juice UK it is fairly certain that they choose an e juice which closely mimics tobacco and the nicotine content that they have become used to.


There are currently over 7,000 e liquids for sale and whilst different brands make similar flavours to their rivals, they all have their unique quality and taste. You can see why it is such a mine field for beginners to choose between one or another.


In the end it all comes down to personal taste.  Liquids only have few ingredients such as water, flavourings, VG and PG. The liquid is drawn to the coil by a normally cotton wick. At this point the heated liquid forms droplets or vapour which is inhaled.


PG and VG are ingredients also used in the food industry. VG is a sweetener whilst PG although used in food can cause allergens. If you find that you suffer headaches and airway irritation, you are better served by reducing the ratio of this substance in your e liquids.


When it comes to flavourings many brands say that their ingredients are food grade. However, you could ask your retailer, but I am inclined to believe that the more expensive well-known brands will take more care about the safety of their customers.


You will know that nicotine as a stand-alone ingredient is safe, but on the other hand this substance is highly addictive. When you fill your vaping tank you will have to make sure though that you wear gloves. The reason for this is when it is in its liquid form it touches the skin it can be a more dangerous substance.


When you start vaping ask your provider the dos and don’ts of vaping as a good vape depends entirely on how you handle your vaping pen.


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