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As more and more of us become interested to change from smoking to vaping but there are still dangers attached, especially if you are new to the habit


You will have to learn about e juice UK as when you know little about them you may just choose any e juice you fancy and you must know how to charge your device.


You should never use a charger that is close to hand and convenient, but you must use the charger that accompanied your vaping pen.


These were specially produced to go with it and it will, therefore, be compatible with it and especially with the battery. Just as you probably don’t leave your mobile device plugged in overnight, you should do the same with your vaping pen. Anything could happen if it gets overheated and it is better to be there if that happens.


Most new devices will come with instructions for use and it is important that you should read them first. Most women will, but men often overlook them which is a mistake as they can be dangerous if not used correctly.


Just as you have to look after your equipment, e juices should also be handled properly. When filling the tank with e juice you should take care that you do not spill any of it on your skin. Nicotine is a poison and it could harm you.  The instructions will also show you at which temperature you have to store the liquid.


As far as I can see it there is a danger if you draw anything other than air in your lungs, but it has been proved that vaping is much safer than tobacco. The only real danger is that batteries could explode. This is why you should never use any battery. If you are in doubt, consult your retailer.



Certain ingredients and flavourings could cause you irritation. These are PG and some sweet flavourings such as vanilla. If you are prone to irritations you could have a word with your vaping professional.