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Vape is supposed to be a method of getting away from tobacco and yet the two ways of obtaining nicotine are treated under the TPD laws.


TPD is a set of rules that stand for Tobacco Products Directive. It covers things like nicotine content  amongst other smoke related regulations.


The problem with vaping is that from a distance it can look like just another form of smoking. And yet, smoke does not come into this at all. The other problem with vaping is that it has only been with us a little over a decade and it seems still not to have its own clear identity.


When it first appeared the WHO was strongly against it and persuaded many countries not to allow it. If you like to vape, you need to check the rules of any country you may be visiting for work or pleasure.


The tank that holds the e juice is regulated in capacity by the same directive and it's common to see vape shops advertising a TPD compliant tank. They may also promote TPD compliant e liquid.


This means the e liquid is sold in limited size containers. Why this should be so is hard to explain. It simply means having to buy multiple juices at the same time. And the restricted tank capacity also means it needs regular filling.



This is particularly annoying for cloud chasers. A cloud chaser is the term applied to a vape fan that likes to blow large and intricate cloud shapes. You often see these people in groups all trying to outdo each other.


Not having much experience with this cloud habit, I'm reliably informed that in the States, and who knows, maybe in the UK, there are competitions with big prize money for the best vape in competitions.


Vaping continues to grow in popularity with more people ditching the fag habit and moving across. Currently, it's three million people in the UK and at this rate, smoking may within a few years, be a distant memory.